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Today, traditional markets still play an important role in Tunisian life. Shops and stalls normally stay open until about 6pm -7pm, but the main tourist alleys, like the Rue Jamaa Zitouna in Tunis’s main souk, stay open longer. To provide shade from the sun many markets are often covered with roofs, with air-conditioning in the more exclusive shops.

With a selection of rare Mediterranean coral reefs, and due to its sweeping coastline and multitude of bays and coves, Tunisia is a firm favourite with divers worldwide.

For a real desert adventure, set off across the sands of the Great Eastern Erg on a camel. The most popular journey is a five-day trek from Douz to Ksar Ghilane, but shorter trips are available and it’s possible to enjoy an hour-long camel ride that, for some people, is quite enough.

The beach at Raf Raf is one of Tunisia’s most beautiful. Even arriving at Raf Raf is quite spectacular, as the road runs through the mountains, allowing the port, surrounding bay and beaches to appear beneath you as you arrive.


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